Premarital Therapy


Premarital Therapy Packages:

A Couple's Journey

Guided by a New York State Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, The Premarital Therapy Couples Journey Package is specifically geared towards couples who are looking for a check in around the relationship, to ensure both individuals are aligned around specific live goals, dreams, and expectations. It is intended to be a positive experience, granting an opportunity to connect, and gain skills/tools to support one another and the relationship. 

Included in all couples premarital packages is a Prepare-Enrich online couples assessment which generates a couples report unique for each couple, a couples workbook, and sessions geared at supporting the couple around areas where there is opportunity for further growth and understanding based on the results of the assessment as well as what the couple states they would like to work on. Couples will receive a certificate of completion at the end of their couples premarital journey package. There are three packages offered:

1) Online assessment and four (75 minute) sessions. Recommended for all couples who are thinking about moving in together, are newly engaged, and are on the road to marriage. This is the most basic program to ensure both partners are aligned around the expectations and hopes of marriage. 

2) Online assessment and six (75 minute) sessions. Similar to package one and recommended for couples who are seeking clarification and support around specific areas of their relationship, which would require additional time to check in around intervention effectiveness. 

3) Online assessment and eight (75 minute) sessions. Recommended for couples facing high conflict/stress, disagreements around major life issues (having children, careers, where to live, in-laws, finances). 

The Premarital Therapy: A Couples Journey, is a 4 - 8 week package program based on the desires and needs of the relationship. Sessions are usually held on Friday's and are bi-weekly (other days/times are offered upon availability). It is a great gift for your relationship and for a newly engaged couple as it creates an opportunity to connect and gain tools in a safe, guided environment.